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This week's board game deals - save money with the best discounts in 2022

board game deals
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It doesn't need to be sales season for good board game deals to appear. In fact, the best board games are often discounted with decent price cuts to be found all year round on everything from old favorites to strategy epics.

Because there are so many offers kicking around at any one time, our team of bargain-hunters has narrowed things down with the very best reductions of the week in this guide to the latest board game deals. No matter whether you want essential board games for adults or must-have board games for families, you'll find them at the best price here.

Drop in every now and then to see if anything on your wish list is enjoying a discount, too. Board game deals come and go with alarming frequency, so there's almost always a bargain to take advantage of - if you're quick, anyway.

Today's board game deals at a glance



Today's board game deals

Dead of Winter | $59.99

Dead of Winter | $59.99 $40.11 at Amazon
Save 33% - This is comfortably one of the best zombie apocalypse board games on the market thanks to excellent mechanics that have you wrestling with doing what's right for your character or the wider group so that discount is a welcome change (it's been hovering closer to $50 for much of the past year). Move quickly on this one before it vanishes back into the snowy hellscape from whence it came.

UK price - £63.03 £58.65 at Amazon

Blockbuster | $19.99

Blockbuster | $19.99 $9.93 at Amazon
Save 50% - It's very rare to see this must-have party game drop so radically in price, and we can't recommend grabbing it enough. Usually sitting closer to $15 in total, this reduction brings Blockbuster (a game that's equal parts quiz and charades) into impulse-purchase territory.

UK deal - £19.99 £17 at Amazon

Dune | $50

Dune | $50 $43.64 at Amazon
Save 13% - A revitalization of the classic Dune board game, this fan-favorite rarely dips much lower than $50 in price... which makes its inclusion in today's board game deals all the more noteworthy. If you want something more strategic, this blends asymmetric warfare and diplomacy together well enough that it's still going strong 40 years after release.

UK deal - £39.99 £38.87 at Amazon

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion | $49.99

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion | $49.99 $31.99 at Amazon
Save 36% - The smaller, leaner version of Gloomhaven has returned to its Black Friday price in today's board game deals, so we'd recommend jumping on that bandwagon while the going is good (especially if you're put off by the price of the monstrously-sized original game). It's a great introduction to the fantasy world of story-driven dungeon-crawling.

UK deal - £42.50 £40.33 at Amazon

Robinson Crusoe Adventures on the Cursed Island | $65

Robinson Crusoe Adventures on the Cursed Island | $65 $38.85 at Amazon
Save 13% - While this isn't quite a record low price, it's still very good for a game that was more than $50 for a lot of 2021. A beloved co-op experience that often comes up in conversations about worthwhile board games, it puts you in the shoes of castaway survivors who have to find food, shelter, and safety on a desert island.

UK deal - £59.99 £52.51 at Amazon

Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile | $120

Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile | $120 $96 at Amazon
Save 20% - Rarely falling below $100, this discount on the strategy game of 2021 is one of this week's most eye-catching board game deals. Just don't be fooled by Amazon's price inflation; it usually has an MSRP of $120, not $160.

UK deal - £110 £87.47 at Wayland Games

Ticket to Ride | $54.99

Ticket to Ride | $54.99 $39.97 at Amazon
Save 27% - Want something a little more relaxing? Of all the board game deals on this page, Ticket to Ride is for you. Thanks to moreish gameplay and enough strategy to keep you invested but not overwhelmed, it's definitely worth considering at the price.

UK deal - £39.99 £28.49 at Amazon

Pandemic | $44.99

Pandemic | $44.99 $33.50 at Amazon
Save 26% - It feels like Pandemic is eternally on offer, so the trick is holding on until it dips below a certain threshold. While this discount is at the higher end of the spectrum, it's not an unreasonable offer for the excellent co-op experience you're getting (this one is a must-have).

UK deal - £33.10 £24.95 at Amazon

King of Tokyo Dark Edition | $44.99

King of Tokyo Dark Edition | $44.99 $39.99 at Amazon
Save 20% - Despite being thoroughly brooding in its design, King of Tokyo Dark Edition is the perfect family game. As a reimagined version of the classic King of Tokyo where you play as a monster that gets points for the amount of chaos they cause in the city, this alternative is gorgeous to look at and has fallen back to its Black Friday price. Don't miss it now that it's been reduced again for the week's board game deals.

UK price - £27.10 at Amazon (standard edition)

Gloomhaven | $139.99

Gloomhaven | $139.99 $111.47 at Amazon
Save 20% - This fantasy dungeon-crawler rarely drops much in price, and that makes any reduction worth taking note of. While the current offer is far from the lowest price we've seen in previous board game deals, that isn't to say it's a bad one; Gloomhaven is usually closer to $120.

UK deal - £149.99 £101.98 at Amazon

More board game deals

Board game deals - tips and tricks

board game deals

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Where will I find the top board game deals?

If you're on the prowl for board game deals, we'd always recommend starting with Amazon. While this may seem like a copout, the retail giant is consistently excellent where discounts (and variety) are concerned. 

That doesn't mean you should ignore everything else, though. Walmart occasionally impresses with its reductions, and small, independent stores like Wayland Games in the UK have a habit of sneaking solid prices through the door.


Amazon: Usually best for board game discounts and variety overall
Best Buy: Offers surprisingly eclectic deals, including niche hobby games
Walmart: Excellent for board games aimed at kids or families
Target: Offers variety and occasional price cuts for hobby games


Amazon: Traditionally the most reliable for variety and price-cuts
Very: Solid (if modest) discounts on a wide range of games
Wayland Games: Great for niche titles and wargames
John Lewis: Good for classic board games for families and kids

How to make the most of board game deals

Board games are often discounted; it isn't a normal day of the week without something like Pandemic enjoying a price cut. That makes it worth checking price comparison sites such as CamelCamelCamel to ensure you're getting maximum value for money. They allow you to paste over an Amazon link and see the product's average (and lowest) price within seconds, letting you check whether the board game deals in question are any good.

Should I wait until the Black Friday board game deals?

If this was any other industry, we'd suggest holding off on big purchases until those November sales arrive. But that's not the case with tabletop gaming. While more expensive hobby titles hit record low prices in November, decent board game deals you'll actually want do appear throughout the year. That means there's no harm in having a look now, and you don't need to wait until the Black Friday board game deals begin at the end of the year; unless we're talking about the likes of Gloomhaven, you won't be much better off if you wait.

Want to find out what you should keep an eye on? Don't miss our guides to the best cooperative board games, good board games for 2 players, the best card games, or the top board games for kids.

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